Sellics Review: Manage Your Amazon Business Effectively

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As a vendor, seller, or agency, keeping track of your profits, managing campaigns, and searching for products, keywords, or competitors on Amazon can be challenging. Fortunately, there's a marketing software that helps you keep tabs, research, and provide other solutions that make it easier to do business on Amazon. Sellics is that brilliant marketing tool, and in this post, we'll be reviewing it.

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What is Sellics?

Founded in early 2014, Sellics was initially made for Amazon vendors, sellers, and agencies to track keyword rankings. But, it has expanded into a multifunctional tool to provide solutions to:

  • Competitor research
  • Review management
  • Inventory management
  • Amazon SEO
  • Amazon PPC sales optimization

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Sellics Products

There are three Sellics products that Amazon sellers, vendors and agencies can use:

  • Seller Edition
  • Vendor Edition
  • Agency Edition

1. Seller Edition

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution to growing your Amazon business in a single software, then you should consider the Sellics Seller Edition. It features top-notch data analytics as well as secure and private handling of data. It has seven management and optimization features:

  • Profit measurement : This feature automates profit calculations so that you can track how much you’re making.
  • Inventory control : The feature keeps tabs on your inventory, so you never run out of stock.
  • Amazon PPC Optimization : Using this feature in Sellics Seller Edition will help you understand what drives your performance. With it, you’ll work smart without having to put in several hours of work.
  • Ranking improvement: Here, the software improves the rankings of your product’s keywords. 
  • Review management : With this feature, you’ll get to know when customers leave reviews for you. From this, you can figure out your response rate.
  • Competitor monitoring : The feature allows you to know who your competitors are and what they are up to. Data like the keyword rankings and sales volume will be available so you can get the upper hand.
  • Product research : You’ll get to know the top-selling products on Amazon.

2. Vendor Edition

The Sellics Vendor Edition is for people who want to improve their product listings, optimize Amazon ads, or manage the reviews from customers. Used by thousands of brands, this edition is tailored to meet most of your business needs. You can use it in all Amazon marketplaces, and it's a useful tool to track extensive product selections.

There are five modules to choose from in the Sellics Vendor Edition:

  • Customer Feedback: You’ll get to know the positive and negative feedback from customers so that you can respond appropriately.
  • Retail Analytics : This gives an understanding of the sales performance of vendors.
  • Buy Box Monitoring : This feature monitors third-party sellers who also sell your products.
  • Content and SEO: This feature helps to increase your sales by pushing your product’s Amazon search rankings. You’ll also get recommendations for keywords.
  • Marketing Services: This feature works on your keyword strategy. You can run ads with the PPC automation, so you get the most out of your ad spend. 

3. Agency Edition

Lastly, the Sellics Agency Edition is the all-encompassing tool perfect for those who want to increase sales and optimize digital footprint for their clients' brands. The Agency Edition incorporates machine learning and automation tools to help sellers achieve their clients' goals. Sellics provides support to guide you from the setup to the optimization phase. 

There are seven fully integrated features, and you can become Sellics Certified to get a better hang of how to use the Agency Edition. Luckily, this product allows you to manage unlimited clients' accounts. You’ll need to contact Sellics Customer Support to get a quote for the features you need.

Sellics Agency Edition is best-suited for agencies that want to manage their vendor and seller accounts.

Sellics Pricing

Each Sellics product has a unique pricing system. For the Sellics Seller Edition, the price depends on your annual Amazon sales (grouped into categories). For example, the monthly plan here costs $57 if your yearly sales are worth $0. It'll cost you $317 if you sell more than $1.2m worth of products in a year. However, you can get significant discounts if you opt for biannual or annual plans within the categories of annual Amazon sales.

For the Vendor's Edition, there's a twist. Here, the pricing depends on the modules you want to buy. The modules include Customer Feedback, Content and SEO , Buy Box, Retail Analytics, and you can save up to 50% when you purchase several modules. Nevertheless, you can get Sellics Vendor Edition free for 14 days.

Lastly, for Sellics' Agency Edition, you'll need to get a direct quotation from Sellics for the modules you need.

Final words

You can only do a handful of things with individual tools. But Sellics takes it one step further by putting all you need in a convenient place. It's the perfect tool to monitor performances and optimize processes, so you can put more time and effort into selling products on Amazon.


How can I cancel my Sellics account?

If you are on a trial version, there's no way to cancel your Sellics account. You'll just have to wait until the trial ends.

On any other account, head over to account management (the icon is at the top right of the page). Next, click terminate. The account will continue running until the end of your billing cycle, after which it'll get canceled. This allows you to change your mind and reactivate it during that period.

How can I reach Sellics Customer Support?

The quickest way to get to through to Sellics Customer Support is to use the messenger. It's at the bottom of the tool.

You can also get in touch on for sellers and for vendors and agencies.

Is Sellics Secure?

The concern that a third-party software has your customers' details and your financial history is a scare. But Sellics does not store your data within the company. Instead, it pulls them from Amazon's API by running through Amazon Web Services.

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